We had a terrific gathering the other night sampling three great Vodkas.  Seventeen folks in all were present as “Joe the Bartender” gave us the history of all three drinks from the oldest, Stoli, then Ketel One, to the newest, Titos, a product from the 1980’s.

I think most found the Stoli Vodka to be the best tasting drink.  Also, Joe “shook up” the signature cocktail and let the attendees select their own preference, of the three drinks, and also their own Vodka cocktail.

Just to name a few orders, we saw Vodka Gimlet, Cranberry and Vodka, Martini, Vodka Collins, and my own favorite, Vodka and Tonic.

It was exciting to see that a few people purchased advance tickets for the next event as a holiday gift idea. And, we also held a drawing for two free passes for the next event!

Our next event is 12/13 @ 7:30 in the evening.  Topic for discussion:  after dinner dessert drinks, Cordials.  Hope to see you there!

Joe Pouring Vodka Vodka Collins people_vodka david-and-colleenvodka_2vodka_3

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