Bakery in North Bergen, NJ

Pastry From Our Bakery in North Bergen, NJ

What makes our bakery in North Bergen, NJ, most unique is that we bake not just our famous cheesecakes and pastries, but also all of our bread, rolls, and muffins. That means your burgers, Panini, and breakfast sandwiches are authentically artisanal. So grab those butter knives and indulge in that fresh complimentary breadbasket with your dinner entrees. Feel free to have our decadent whole cakes delivered to your door. They are the cherry on top at family gatherings, events, and meetings, and make the sweetest gifts.

The Bakery that Brings More to the Table

If you’re more inclined to spend some time with us, you’ll find more than the average bakery. Open 24/7 and known as a definitive destination to hang out with friends and enjoy a good time, we’re always happy to serve up a little fun alongside our incredible bread. We want to be more than just a place to eat. When you visit us, our mission is to make your experience unforgettable. We have a large selection of Italian baked goods and tasty treats for you to love and enjoy.

What makes Coach House so special? Whether we’re hosting group parties or mixing things up after work hours at our bar, we put service first in every aspect of our operation. That means a focus on comfort and atmosphere that ensures a good time for as many people as possible. Additionally, we offer pastry and cake delivery services to ensure you can enjoy our delicious treats anywhere.

The Place to Go, from Parties to Pastries

No matter your reason for choosing us, you can count on the quality of both our food and our service. As the culmination of a long-running success story, we’ve perfected our approach over decades of feeding satisfied customers. At any time of day, for any occasion, we want to be the restaurant you choose for baked goods, full meals, and more.

As part of that mission, we always make your experience a priority, starting in the kitchen. Taking a bite of our authentic Italian recipes or delicious breakfast sandwiches is participating in a legacy of taste and quality that spans back to the original founding of our company–and, of course, even further, to the people and places that inspire each and every flavor.

Our food is about taste, yes, but there’s more to it than that. Most importantly, we provide a unique experience that brings our history to life through genuine baking.

Contact us today at (201) 864-8600 to learn more about our bakery. We proudly serve North Bergen, NJ, and the surrounding areas.